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Unless you plan on keeping your money under a mattress, you are going to need a bank in your life to assist you in all of your financial undertakings from a car loan to a home mortgage. Choosing a bank can be a competitive process for both you and the bank you pick, as there are many top banks vying for business such as Capital One, Bank of America, Chase and American Express, to name a few of the more popular ones.

As with other businesses, the banking industry is extremely competitive. Banks do what’s needed so they can offer their customers things like lower interest rates on loans or credit cards or higher interest rates on savings accounts or CDs. However, they want and need to make a profit, so they are more likely to choose the best customers who can help them to grow and thrive. Believe it or not, banks are in it to win profits for themselves, they aren’t just doing customers a favor by making loans or providing credit cards. They are just as likely to get rid of a bad customer as any store selling products or services.

Here are some tips on getting the banks to notice you and want your business:

Making Yourself Noticeable to Banks

One way to make yourself more noticeable to banks is to actually go into the bank of your choice, whether that be Chase or Capital One, or some other company, and set up a meeting with a customer service representative. There, you can discuss your needs and present yourself so they can see what kind of customer they are getting.

For instance, if you are someone with a good credit score, who always pays their bills on time, has a steady job and invests your money well, then likely you are a prime catch for any of the top banks like Bank of America or American Express. Banks want clients who will stay with them, so if you are willing to open up a checking and savings account and use it regularly, this will be noticed by the banks and they are more likely to want to have you as their customer.

Fees, Other Charges Can Be Avoided by Better Banking Practices

Over the past few years, it seems that banks are imposing more and more fees to customers for things that used to be free. For instance, there are fees for using the automatic teller machines (ATM), or even for using a live teller at some locations. If you have an account, for instance, at Chase, then you don’t want to draw money out of an ATM machine owned by Bank of America, or you will be paying $2 or even $3 or more for that privilege. There are also fees for things like checking accounts or if your balance drops below a certain level in your checking or savings account, and the list goes on.

However, if you present yourself to the customer services office at one of the top banks like Capitol One and say you are going to always keep a certain amount of money in these accounts and you want to know what kind of deal they can give you, it’s highly possible they have a type of account that will be free of such fees as long as you keep your side of the bargain.

For instance, in past years, Chase has mandated that to avoid fees, a customer has to have an average monthly balance of $1,500 in a checking or savings account, or have at least $5,000 in other accounts. Or, if you have an online account with the Bank of America, you can avoid some fees. Some banks also give free ATM payback or other benefits to their better clients who meet certain qualifications.

So, if you want the best deal at one of the top banks like Chase, Bank of America, American Express or Capitol One, then show the bank what kind of customer you can be and what you can do for them, don’t just ask them what they can do for you.


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